On Sunday, May 22 “Hakuundai” will open a stall at a “Nishinomaru” garden in Osaka-castle. Author: Barbecue Osaka station Baiyun Posted: 2016-5-17 15:39:23 Clicks: 25

The event is “child's lesson festival”. If you have time, please come and see by all means. Certainly, the “Hakuundai” Grand front store is also open as usual. So we are waiting for everybody's coming! The first purpose of attending this event is to let everybody knows the taste of the sauce of “HakuundaI”We add some more effort to the procedure of making sauce what we inherited from a predecessor. And it becomes a secret sauce with the various ingredients. I want to make people know this sauce as much as I can. And if the people would think that they want to taste it again, I will be more than happy.